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In recent years, the contradictions between the United States and Iran have escalated, and both sides are particularly strong. The economic sanctions, military sanctions and oil sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran have weakened Iran's strength. Iran is also a tough player. As an anti American avant-garde, Iran is not timid in its confrontation with the United States and the continuous military armed conflict between the two sides. This time, Iran decided not to issue a warning and launched a counter attack. A large number of missiles damaged the Sade structure of the US Army. Russia exclaimed: break the cauldron! Why has the conflict between Iran and the United States escalated more strongly?


terminal high altitude area retreat is the land-based theater counter missile establishment, which is also known as the Sade anti missile system. The missile has a long range, a large treasure area, a high interception height and a high probability of damage. It adopts the kinetic energy kill technology five point fast three test platform, which has large damage force, strong mobility, strong organizational survivability, and the last but most important thing is the strong ability to identify the current standard.

There is no coordination between the United States and Iran. According to public reports, the U.S. killed Iran's senior general Sulaimani at the International Airport near Iraq's capital, lakh, on a five minute fast three trial platform, which caused a great stir all over the world. The people of Iran are full of hatred, and Iran attaches great importance to this incident, which has become the leading entry of the freezing point of the United States and Iran.

Iran will not let Iran, the main figure of the clouds, be killed by the United States. As a result, Iran launched a Jedi counterattack, issued an arrest warrant, and asked the International Criminal Police (Interpol) layout to assist in the arrest of leaked spies. Revenge for suleymani! And attack US military bases in Iraq. At the same time, he also handed over several drafts to the corresponding countries, hoping to convict the United States. In addition, Iran's \

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